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The Hoodia Cactus

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Vuka Vuka Mr Big

The best kept Secret of Africa
Now available to ALL!

How I discovered Mr.BIG!

My family was sent to Central Africa in the early 1940's. I grew up with one of the many tribes there and I learned their traditions and culture.
The chief's son, Tembo, and I became the best of friends and I was thus accorded all the privileges of a favorite son, even witnessing his initiation ceremony from youth to manhood.
It was after this ceremony that the chief shared their secret with me.
He pointed out a certain indigenous plant, from which the initiated males would take the fruit to rub on their penises which action encouraged growth. Tembo's tribe had much to be proud of.
We have been able to extract the active ingredient from the fruit and add Natural oil to achieve maximum penetration with this cream. Mr BIG can now be sold commercially as the original primitive ways of applying the plant were restrictive and laborious. Only US$65.00 per one months application, 3 months recommended.

Vuka Vuka Mr Big 65ml Bottle
One months Use
$65.00 plus Shipping & Handling

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